Banchory school gets glowing report

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Staff and pupils at Hill of Banchory School are celebrating a glowing HMIe report.

HM inspectors visited the school last December.

They looked at various aspects of the school and nursery and the primary was rated excellent in each of the three categories – learners’ experiences, improvements in performance and meeting learning needs – and the nursery also scored highly, rated as very good in the same categories.

The curriculum of the school and nursery was rated as very good, with improvement through self-evaluation deemed as excellent.

The inspection covered key aspects of the work of the school and highlights the particular strengths of the school, how well children learn and achieve, how well staff work with others to support children’s learning and how staff and children are actively involved in improving their school community. HM Inspectors examined pupils’ work, observed learning and teaching and interviewed groups of pupils, including the pupil council and staff. Members of the inspection team also met other stakeholders involved with the school including the chairperson of the parent council. The key strengths of the school were highlighted as: Particularly well-behaved, highly motivated and confident children who are proud of their school and community; The outstanding leadership of the headteacher, commitment and teamwork of all staff, in taking forward continuous school improvement; The contribution of parents and other partners in extending and enriching children’s learning; The use of ICT to involve parents, children and staff in school improvement and sharing achievement; The impact of the high and increasing expectations held by all staff children and their parents, for all children’s learning and achievement.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Director of Education, Learning and Leisure, Maria Walker, said: “I am delighted with this report, and would like to extend my congratulations and thanks to all the staff and pupils at the school who work so hard to make sure it is a great place to learn. My thanks also to all the parents, volunteers and groups who regularly give their time to make sure pupils’ learning stretches beyond the school gates.”