Banchory West Church completes Christians Against poverty course

Banchory West Church
Banchory West Church

“Blessed are the poor” was the cry as a Deeside church completed its course helping people in the art of saving money and making better financial decisions.

Banchory West Church recently completed their fourth Christians Against Poverty Money Course and have described themselves as “delighted” at the positive feedback received from the attendees.

The Christians Against Poverty campaign aims to help people reduce their household debts and find financial security.

Started in 1996 the movement has since grown and found all the more work to in the current austerity filled times.

Church member Bill Ferguson, who is one of the trained money coaches, said he feels that the courses have never been more required.

He believes that demand for the service is rising as families, no matter their level of income, are finding financial budgeting difficult as rising family expenditure rises.

He added that the courses were a good way of budgeting and certainly help avoid reliance on very expensive pay day loans and other lending products and provides the opportunity to save and maintain financial control.

Bill said: “These Courses teach people budgeting skills and a simple ,cash based system that really works. They will help anyone to gain more control over their finances so they can save, give and prevent debt. It is suitable for anyone whether they be financially well off, self employed,on benefits or in debt. The courses have never been better timed as household expenditure continues to rise faster than income and family finances become much tighter. It is delivered either over three evenings with informal chat and discussion on the excellent supporting DVD presentations. Usually no more than six people and highly confidential.“

Traditionally seen as an affluent area, Deeside has not escaped the effects of the recession.

One Banchory church recently set up a food bank to feed some in the area who could not afford to eat.

Banchory and Mid-Deeside councillor Linda Clark previously spoke about poverty being an “unreported issue” in Deeside.

For further info on the last course before the summer break or booking a place on course at 7.30pm on 21st, 28th May and 4th June contact Bill Ferguson on 01330 824565 or Pauline Rowett on 01330 823839