Banchory woman sees five generations

From right: Mary, Mia, Phyllis, Aimee and Susan
From right: Mary, Mia, Phyllis, Aimee and Susan

It’s all in the family for Banchory woman Mary Marr, who has experienced the very rare and unusual feeling of holding her great, great-granddaughter in her arms.

While Mary is separated from infant Mia by 89 years, the family bond is still strong with all five generations of family women alive and well.

Mia certainly won’t be short of babysitters with great, great-grandma Mary (89), great-grandma Phyllis (71), grandma Susan (50) and mum Aimee (20) all on hand.

The rest of the family lives in Fife although the family bond is still strong, according to Mary’s son, Daryl, who told the Piper: “(I’d say) we are a close family, just not in the distance between us... we all visit mum several times a year and all keep in touch regularly.”

Mary spent time outside of Deeside in her youth, only returning upon her retirement.

Daryl said: “Only mum lives in Banchory, none of the family have done so. She came back in the early 1970s when my late father retired.

‘‘Phyllis and her husband have lived in Dunfermline since 1970 and all her family live there too.”

The Piper did not get in touch with Mary, as Daryl wishes the article to be a birthday surprise for her 90th on May 10.

And with all those mouths to feed, lets hope there’s a big enough cake!