Bank on us?

A Banchory man opening his son’s first bank account feels he has been the victim of awful customer service and bad managerial practice.

David Robb took his son into Lloyds TSB’s Banchory branch with the intent of helping the youngster begin a crucial step into adulthood by opening his first bank account.

His son, eager and excited at the prospect of such responsibility deposited a three figure sum into the account and was told he would be sent the paperwork, card and pin separately as is normal with new accounts.

After a week the card and documentation had arrived but not the pin.

Mr Robb, went into the branch to find out what was happening, but bank staff could only assure him the pin would be resent.

After waiting another two weeks for the postie, calling the bank and going into his branch Mr Robb discovered that the pin number had been sent to his family’s previous address.

Mr Robb said: “I don’t understand how a bank can have it right one week, only to get it wrong three times in a row after that. Anyone could have my sons pin number.”

A recent survey by consumer watchdog magazine Which of British Isles banks ranked Lloyds TSB in joint last place for customer service along with Barclays, Santander and Bank of Ireland.

A branch employee told Mr Robb he would: “Attend to the issue as quickly as he could.”

A lifelong customer of the bank, Mr Robb was surprised by their failing.

He said: “Since the banking crisis, they claim they have changed. Changed to what? I can’t for the life of me understand how they could mess this up. Repeatedly. When you hear the chancellor on television telling us to trust banks again and that Lloyds are back, something like this makes you seriously question wither they are or not.”

Repeated attempts by the Piper to contact the banking giant, who were rescued from disaster by the tax payer during the financial crisis, went unanswered.

Mr Robb said: “Lloyds want to reestablish themselves. They have to take care of the little man first, the rich will always be there but Lloyds risk loosing customers with this kind of management. If they mess up like this at branch level, how can they be a financial industry leader? I believe that my son is owed compensation or at the very least an apology.”