Become a member of BDI

The Banchory & District Initiative (BDI) will hold its annual general meeting at 7.30pm on Wednesaday, May 16, in the Douglas Arms Hotel.

BDI is a charitable ‘anchor’ organisation, formed almost ten years ago to support groups that were involved in developing new community facilities. Since then, the organisation has managed a number of projects that have benefited the local area, such as the restoration of footpaths on Scolty Hill and the Banchory Energy Reduction Initiative (BERI).

The organisation also manages a number of ongoing community initiatives such as the Bonnie Banchory campaign and the St Ternan Fair. Most of the work of the group is carried out by a team of hard-working volunteers - almost 150 people helped out during this past year.

The latest initiative supported by BDI is the Youth Industries project, where young people are given opportunities and skills to become more confident in the world of work. The BDI management team has given the fledgling group support in seeking funding and coping with the policies and regulations required to volunteer with young people.

After almost ten years, BDI now has a track record and the expertise to carry out a variety of community projects. In the past year, the group has received over £120,000 of funding to complete a number of projects, which is down to the reputation and expertise of the project leaders.

The group is keen to help anyone with a burning desire to develop projects that will benefit Banchory or the surrounding villages and rural communities. No matter how small, the cost of a new seat or tree, or even large projects such as the development of community facilities. BDI is there to help people do something for their community.

The AGM will be followed by a presentation from the BERI project team and young participants of Youth Industries. Although attendance at the AGM is for members only, people can become members during the meeting. For information, e-mail: or visit: