Bobby’s made quite a lot of quilts for a good cause


A Finzean woman has put her specialist skills in stitching and embroidery to good use by making 50 Baby quilts for charity.

Roberta Page, known as Bob or Bobby made the cosy comforters after a good friend and fellow embroider, passed away and left behind reams of material still to be used in her home.

Bobby said: “Our friend had so much material still and we didn’t want it to go to waste, so I made one at first, which a Doctor friend of ours took on his travels with him to India.

“Having been rather poorly this year I needed something to keep me busy and so decided to make a number of baby quilts. I have now made 50 using my own material.”

Over a ten month period Bobby made the quilts in two basic sizes (24” x 31” & 33” x 43”) and each is padded, backed and finished ready for use.

The quilts are made from good quality cotton and will machine wash on a cool cycle.

Bobby said: “We wanted to donate them to a charity like Unicef or Save The Children but found it hard to get in touch with anyone who could help us with that, so I wish to use the quilts to raise money for the Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland Charity and am offering the quilts for sale at £15 for the smaller size and £20 for the larger ones.”

To buy a quilts contact Bobby on: 01330 850 611 or email