Braemar and Crathie without phone service

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BT is currently in attendance to repair the cable, which has resulted in the local loss of the 999 service in Braemar and Crathie.

Whilst repairs are being carried out, BT and the Red Cross are providing temporary cover through communication vehicles which will be in place in Braemar and Crathie.

The vehicle in Braemar is within the square, Marr Road and in Crathie the vehicle will be in the main car park near the church.

Access to the emergency services is available at Braemar Police Station, Balnellan Road.

Police Scotland Chief Inspector Richard Craig said: “Police are continuing to visit vulnerable people in Braemar, Crathie and Ballater and have officers within Braemar Police Station.

“Anyone requiring the emergency services is advised to speak to an officer at the police station or utilise the communication vehicles. The BT vehicle in Braemar is placed in the square, Marr Road. In Crathie, the communication vehicle is being provided by the Red Cross and is within the main car park near the church.

“We will continue to have officers patrolling in these areas and maintain contact with vulnerable people until the telephone lines have been fixed.”

Counciilor Geva Blackett, who lives in Braemar, managed to send the floowing message to the Piper: “Braemar is completely cut off from the East with the closure of the Invercauld Bridge on the A93, 2 miles east of Braemar.

For 24 hrs we have had no phone, no internet and are completely unable to let people know that we are ok.

“If it hadn’t been for the quick thinking of David Rout, Fire Scotland’s Snior Officer in the North East, we would have had no way of alerting emergency services had there been a need to do so. He put in a stand by crew from Dundee and armed them with a satellite phone.

“It was disappointing that the Scottish ambulance service decided to respond to a call earlier in the day by sending an ambulance crew in from the east who were of course unable to get across.”