Braemar’s reconnected with the re-opening of the Invercauld Bridge

A section of the A93 damaged by the floods
A section of the A93 damaged by the floods

The Invercauld Bridge was reopened last night, reconnecting Braemar to the outside world after almost two weeks in isolation.

The flooding from Storm Frank partly destroyed the bridge, making transportation a serious issue for residents.

But last night at 5pm, Aberdeenshire Council were able to re-open the Invercauld Bridge.

The occassion was celebrated with bagpipers leading a procession over the repaired crossing.

Councillor Geva Blacket said: “With the ski season well underway now at Glenshee, the fragile tourist based economy we enjoy up here is hopefully back on track.

“People in Braemar are saying that now they can get over the bridge they will be going down to Ballater to help with the clean up there and if there is anything really positive to have come out of this horrible event that wrecked so many homes and businesses in Ballater, it is the renewed strength of community, the genuine and heartfelt desire to help others.”