Braemar team rush to rescue plucky puppy

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Braemar Mountain Rescue team saved the day after a puppy fell down a gully as it chased a rabbit near Loch Muick last week.

Six-month-old golden retriever, Kira, slipped down the gully at Loch Muick, south of Braemar, on Wednesday, January 21.

Kira’s owner contacted Braemar Mountain Rescue team, who used climbing gear to access the snowy slope where the dog had got into difficulty.

On reaching the gully, one member of the rescue team abseiled down with a sling, which was used to carry Kira back up to safety.

A spokesperson for Braemar Mountain Rescue team said: “Kira was out for a walk with her owner and got into difficulty. I think she chased a rabbit and got stuck.

“It happened on a steep slope above Loch Muick. It’s a steep gully with craggy ground and most walkers wouldn’t have wanted to go into that region. It’s also an avalanche area.

“We sent one team member down on a rope, put Kira in a sling and carried her to the top.”

Thanks to the work of the Braemar team, Kira was returned safely to her owner none the worse for her mountain adventure.