Break-ins attempted

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Police are appealing for witnesses after homes in Banchory’s St. Nicholas Road and St. Nicholas Drive were targeted by thieves last week.

Attempted break-ins of houses on the streets were reported to Police Scotland North Division.

A Police spokesperson said enquiries were ongoing: “(we) can confirm we have received reports about attempted house break-ins in the St Nicholas Drive and St Nicholas Road area and that enquiries are on-going. We would also appeal to anyone who may have seen anything suspicious or have any information regarding these incidents to contact Police Scotland on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to remain anonymous.”

Banchory and Mid-Deeside councillor Linda Clark the news was “concerning”: “This is concerning and it must be absolutely heartbreaking for anyone who was affected. It must be really frightening to know someone has tried to break into your home.

“The police tell us time and time again that people must be much more vigilant than they are. Doors should always be locked and keys kept out of site. I would say that no-one should be complacent and let their guard down, in the warm weather many people will stay in the back garden and may be less aware of what is happening around the front of the house. The police don’t tell us these things for no reason.”

Cllr Clark added: “I feel so sorry for anyone affected.”

She was echoed by ward colleague Karen Clark: “Clearly if people suspect a break in they need to contact the local police and report the incident. I am sorry to hear about these incidents but we are very fortunate in Banchory to live in a safe community with a low incidence of crime. Residents need to be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police.”

Banchory, and Deeside generally, have still far fewer crimes reported than the national average.

Police Scotland have identified priorities in the Banchory and Mid-Deeside multi-member ward plan for 2013 as community focus, anti-social behaviour, safer roads and community resilience.

The plan states: “Our focus is to reduce crime and disorder, to increase public reassurance within your community and to keep people safe.”