Bus barriers exposed in the North-east

Bus operators, transport groups and stakeholders around the UK are this week promoting Catch The Bus Week 2015.

However, with two out of three commuters in the North-east using their car to get to work, Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce decided to examine how more people could be encouraged to use the bus.

In partnership with First Group and Nestrans, the Chamber recently published its research into what the barriers to bus use are, and how they can be overcome.

Despite 66% using the car to get to work, over half of respondents described themselves frequent or occasional bus users.

An additional one in three (33%) said that they do not use the bus but would like to do so.

The two main barriers to using the bus identified in the study are cost and length of journey time.

Unprompted, 24% of respondents – nearly one in four - said the main reason they don’t use the bus is its cost.

However, 22% also said their main barrier was that their journey by bus took too long, and 82% said they would be more likely to use the bus if their journey was quicker.

The Chamber has put forward a number of recommendations following the study, including extending bus lane opening times – currently being trialled on the city’s Great Northern Road – creating express bus services, and re-evaluating current routes.