Deeside and Donside buck national insolvency trend


A report by Scotland Debt Solutions has revealed many of the hotspots for sequestrations and trust deeds are in our smaller towns.

The debt help website’s report also revealed that Westhill and Banchory were amongst the 10 best Scottish towns for personal insolvency, ranking fifth and ninth respectively.

The first survey of its kind, the quarterly Scotland Debt Report details the levels and concentration of new personal insolvency cases in Scotland, including trust deeds and sequestrations in the year to 31 March 2014.

The report data names former steel working town Kilbirnie in North Ayrshire as the town (over 5000 population) with the highest level of personal insolvency in the past 12 months, with 71 new cases per 10,000 adult population, almost three times higher than the Scottish average of just 25 per 10,000 adults.

Clydebank and Gorebridge were the second and third highest with levels of 70 and 68 new cases per 10,000 adults in the year to 31 March 2014.

Among the Scottish towns and locations with the lowest levels of personal insolvency was Keith, at just eight cases per 10,000 adults; with Westhill, Dunblane, Jedburgh and Orkney sharing the second lowest position with just 10 new insolvencies per 10,000 adults.

Of the towns and cities in Scotland with a population of over 75,000, the league table showed Paisley with the most cases (46 per 10,000); Glasgow in sixth position (36 per 10,000); and Edinburgh in ninth place with just 20 new cases per 10,000 of population.

Aberdeen was in 8th with 23 new cases for ever 10,000 city residents.

John Baird of, said: “it may come as a surprise to many that it affects middle class just as much as working class people.”