Farming Unions Seek Cross Government Recognition

Following a recent meeting in Birmingham, the UK Farming Unions are calling upon the UK Government and devolved administrations to do all they can to unlock the huge potential contribution of land-based renewables to UK energy security – including solar, wind, mini-hydro, anaerobic digestion and other forms of sustainable bioenergy.

In a joint statement, NFU Scotland, NFU, Ulster Farmers Union and NFU Cymru are calling on politicians to recognise the substantial diversification income opportunity that renewable energy represents in support of profitable agricultural production.

Moreover, in the run up to November’s international climate talks in Paris, the Unions have stated that is vital that Governments acknowledge this unique capacity within the agricultural sector for tackling climate change.

To help realise the full potential within the industry the Unions are asking their respective Governments to:

Deliver a transparent and consistent planning framework for new renewable energy installations, Make a clear distinction between ‘farm wind’ and ‘wind farms’, in order to help our members continue diversifying and supporting their businesses with locally generated renewable electricity and Ensure that each and every farm can become a net energy exporter, by finding smart ways to reduce the need for additional network capacity and offering more flexible connection terms.