Forestry commission dis-mantle ‘dangerous’ jumps

TRAIL BLAZER: a downhill mountain biker
TRAIL BLAZER: a downhill mountain biker

For the third time this year the Forestry Commission has had to remove ‘wild build’ mountain bike trail features constructed in a Banchory wood.

The jumps, and berms have been built using timber, stone and earth to make the environment more interesting for mountain bikers.

Dan Cadle, of the Forestry Commission said: “Forestry Commission Scotland has a duty of care to all people who use the forest and these unauthorised trails or jumps presented a serious threat to safety.

“Some of the jumps had been built with rotten timber and were also high off the ground. Had an inexperienced bike rider found these and decided to give them a go, they could have seriously hurt themselves.

“It is not only irresponsible for anyone to put others at risk in this way but this kind of activity also affects the trees, soils and wildlife in the immediate area.”

Forestry Commission staff have removed similar ‘north shore’ obstacles from the woods on previous occasions and say that they will continue to do so “in order to keep the trails safe.”

The local team had also invited local bikers who were serious about developing proper, well designed facilities to get in touch.

Mr Cadle added: “We are now working together to explore possible options and find a solution that is agreeable to all.”

“It is a shame that once again we have had to use time we want to spend on this positive initiative will once again be diverted to taking down these unsafe jumps.”