Politicians Lamb-ast supermarkets lack of local

SCOTCH: Politicians call on supermarkets to stock more local lamb
SCOTCH: Politicians call on supermarkets to stock more local lamb

High levels of imported lamb continues to be found on the shelves of North-east supermarkets despite Scottish lamb being in peak season.

Now Sir Robert Smith MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine has written to supermarket giant, Tesco and Asda’s stores across his constituency to find out if they are stocking Scottish Lamb.

Sir Robert said: “I have written to highlight that this is the height of the season for Scottish Lamb and to encourage stores to recognise the benefit of stocking local produce.”

As part of its regular ‘Shelfwatch’ examination of supermarket shelves, National Farmers Union (NFU) Scotland found 100 percent Scottish or British lamb in Morrisons, Marks and Spencer and Sainsburys stores.

However, the volume of imported lamb on offer at the Tesco and Asda stores visited was higher.

NFU’s livestock policy manager John Sleigh said: “This is the time of year when Scottish lamb is at its tastiest and represents the best value for shoppers. So why on earth are Tesco and Asda buying and shipping in out-of-season lamb from the Southern Hemisphere to fill up its shelves?”

MSP Dennis Robertson said: “Despite assurances from leading supermarkets this summer, it is disappointing to see a rise in imported lamb products.

“There is nothing better than local, top quality, produce and our supermarkets are missing a trick by refusing to sell it.”

A survey carried out by the MSP’s staff over the summer showed only 28% of lamb on shelves in Tesco in Aberdeenshire West was of Scottish origin.

At Tesco, the discovery is at odds with commitments made by the retailer following the horsemeat scandal, that it was going to bring sourcing “closer to home”.