Taking a leaf out of Jack Webster’s newest book

Jack Webster
Jack Webster
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The third volume chronicling the life and times of one of the North-east’s most prolific and respected journalists, is set for a launch at Finzean Hall.

Jack Webster’s new book: A Final Grain of Truth, is an entertaining, fascinating and superbly crafted work of reflection on a life lived in the pursuit of finding and telling stories.

Diagnosed with a leaking heart valve at a young age he was told give up any thought of fulfilling a journalistic career.

Jack disagreed, overcame his health problems and took a job as the Turriff Advertiser’s first ever junior reporter at 16, going on to become one of Scotland’s best known journalists, meeting some of the 20th century’s most famous and interesting characters.

In 1970 through his dedication to persistence, Jack managed to secure an interview with the elusive Charlie Chaplin, in Banchory’s own Tor Na Coille hotel.

Jack said: “After he (Chaplin) had been hounded out of America by the Mccarthy commission he vowed never to give an interview to a journalist again. At Maud School, we were taught perseverance, if at first you don’t succeed...”

Jack waited for many hours in Tor Na Coille and after asking Chaplin to sign an autograph for each of his son’s and conversing at length, managed to gather enough material to write a fantastic piece, the first and last since the comedy legend had left the USA.

On Friday December 6 at 7pm Jack launches his book at Finzean Hall, tickets are available at Yeadons for £4.