Upper Deeside place names reprint on sale


A very useful book for Upper Deesiders has recently been reprinted - some 30 years after the first edition originally went on sale.

The Place Names of Upper Deeside by Dr Adam Watson is a fascinating must have A-Z reference text for anyone with an interest in the locality.

It is a study in history, geography, language and cultural idiosyncrasies and gives detailed explanations of place names meanings as well as providing insight into countless facts and points of interest in the area.

The first edition of the book was published in 1984 but the work began over 10 years before publication.

J.E.M. Duff and Dr Watson began the study in 1973, being joined by E Allan.

However,’ as the book’s acknowledgments point out, compiling a text with this level of primary information requires the help of dozens of local historians, librarians, linguists and more.

In the book’s foreword, written by W.F.H. Nicolaisen, German folklorist, linguist, medievalist, scholar of onomastics and literature, educator, and author with specialties in Scottish and American studies, the value of the text is clearly defined.

Mr Nicolaisen said: “During the last few decades, students of place names, have raised the standard of the art considerably...

“The Place Names of Upper Deeside is a sound book in every sense.

“In both scope and attention to detail, it surpasses everything published in Scotland so far.”

The Place Names of Upper Deeside is available for £14.99 from Yeadons of Banchory and Deeside Books in Ballater.

Deeside Books in Ballater still have some copies of the 1984 original publication for sale without paper covers.