Cairngorm Gems at Braemar Castle

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The famous Invercauld cairngorm will be on display in Braemar Castle this season in a new exhibition of cairngorm jewellery and artefacts.

Celebrating the year of Architecture, Innovation and Design, the exhibition will feature three of the largest surviving crystals of smoky quartz from the Cairngorms Mountains, none normally on display to the public.

The second crystal belongs to Aberdeen jewellers, Jamieson and Carry.

Drilled to take a clock, it is normally kept in a storeroom.

The third crystal, belonging to Aberdeen Art Galleries and Museums, won a medal as finest specimen of its kind at the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace in 1851 and is only rarely displayed.

The Braemar Castle exhibition tells the story of the use of cairngorm quartz in Scottish jewellery and artefacts, starting in the 1700s and reaching a peak following Queen Victoria’s arrival on Deeside in 1848.

Also on show is a Sgian-Dubh which belonged to landscape artist, Joseph Farquharson of Finzean, which features a thistle-carved pale cairngorm with delicate carved Chinese ivory.

The Castle re-opens on Saturday, March 26, and is open Wednesdays to Saturdays 10 am to 5 pm.

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