Call for an end to ‘not spots’

North East Scottish Conservative MSP, Nanette Milne has written to the Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries to highlight the urgent need to address North-east mobile not-spot – areas where there is no mobile coverage.

Procurement is set to begin by spring 2012, with the project completed by 2015.

The new mobile infrastructure development will enable rural users to access not only the 2G network, but 3G as well; and will provide a foundation for a future 4G upgrade. It is thought that the improvement will significantly improve communication for businesses and consumers across Aberdeenshire.

Nanette Milne, Scottish Conservative MSP for the North East said: “It is welcome news that the UK Conservative Government is investing £150 million to help provide greater mobile network coverage across rural Scotland. It is believed that this latest investment will increase the percentage of users receiving adequate coverage and assist the 5-10% of people who live in an area with poor or non-existent reception.

“Increasing the coverage and quality of mobile connectivity is needed to support business growth, extend access to key public services which are delivered online, and to bring an improvement in the mobile customer experience more widely across many parts of rural Scotland.

“I have today written to ask for a timetable for when Aberdeenshire is likely to see investment in our mobile signal network.”