Campaign launched by children’s charity

A summer drive to stop alcohol blighting the lives of Aberdeenshire’s children has been launched by charity CHILDREN 1st.

With an estimated 80,000 children in Scotland affected by parental alcohol misuse, the charity is urging everybody to take responsibility to protect children.

Deputy chief executive of CHILDREN 1st, Alison Todd, said: “Our message is that it is everybody’s responsibility to protect children from violence fuelled by alcohol misuse, particularly as families prepare for the summer holidays.

“Every day, CHILDREN 1ST supports children to recover from the trauma of abuse and violence caused by parental alcohol misuse.

“The impacts include low self-esteem, anxiety, poor health and emotional well-being, with children often subject to physical and emotional abuse or witness to violence between their parents.”

Anyone concerned about a child living with alcohol-fuelled abuse can call the free and confidential helpline ParentLine Scotland on 08000 28 22 33.