Campaign sign chained in place after thieves strike...


A Deeside man is at the end of his tether with whoever has been pinching metal ‘Yes’ campaign signs erected on his property.

Francis Duguid, of Ballater, has now bought his third sign after the other two - placed on a tree on his land - mysteriously vanished.

He said this week: “The signs took a fair effort to put up and there was a few of us doing that.

“They were mounted a good few feet up the tree and nailed in place.

“There must be more than one person doing this because they are quite heavy.”

Mr Duguid erected his signs with strategic timing over the summer months to maximise the amount they would be seen.

He added: “I put one up and made sure it was there in time for the Ballater Games, to let certain people in the area know how I feel about the referendum.

“The sign was down before it had the chance to be seen though.”

Mr Duguid has informed the police of the thefts of his signs, which cost over £30 each.

He added: “I’ve had the local bobbies out but had no news so far.

‘‘However, the leaves on my tree are going a nice colour from all of the nails changing the iron content.”

Mr Duguid has chained the latest sign in place with a motorcycle lock.

He will also be keeping an eye out for trespassers.