Car park is ‘no danger to enviroment’

Bell Wood car park
Bell Wood car park

No more asbestos has been found in Aboyne’s Bell Wood car park following a study commissioned by the operators.

In March, four fragments of chrysolite asbestos were found around the car park which had been built by community company Mid Deeside Limited (MDL).

The discovery led to the environmental agency SEPA requiring MDL to remove all of the earth used to create the bunding and take it to a disposal site near Falkirk.

No further asbestos fragments were found during the moving of the soil or in any of the eleven soil samples taken by specialists IOM.

Chairman of MDL, Ann MacTaggart, said: “It is significant that the discarded pieces of asbestos cement were found only on the surface in March and in May and that none was discovered beneath the surface within the soils used to form the bunding or the single bay... Police Scotland have a report of these incidents and will be looking into them.”

Members of the Bell Wood residents association commented: “This is very good news for the many residents who live in the Bellwood area... Since the car park has been built on what was the village tip until the 1950s it is surely quite reasonable to suppose that asbestos, broken glass and other substances commonly dumped in tips... (are) still present further into the tip.”

Mid-Deeside Community Council chair Wilson Forbes said: “The absence of traces of asbestos through the soil in this particular part of the landfill is both good news and relief to the community, users of the Bellwood and particularly the nearby residents.

‘‘It is disappointing, however, that some six months have elapsed since landfill debris was exposed and reported.”