Cash available for green projects

Aberdeenshire Environmental Forum is offering cash for green projects.

The Greener Aberdeenshire Awards aim to recognise and assist people who are involved in caring for the environment in some way be it with wildlife, conservation,care, raising awareness,composting or recycling.

If you feel that the work you are engaged in is worthy of recognition but needs some financial assistance to progress it, this could be the answer.

To apply for a Greener Aberdeenshire Award print off an application form from their website or send a stamped addressed envelope to Aberdeenshire Environmental Forum, Keltswells Farmhouse, Rothienorman, AB51 8YN

Aberdeenshire Environmental Forum (AEF) aims to encourage and support groups to exchange information and share knowledge about the environment, so that sound and sustainable environmental decisions are made by all.

The forum, which was started in 1979 (previously known as Gordon Environmental Forum), wants to ensure that all individuals in Aberdeenshire can make a difference and be responsible for their impact on the environment. The forum aims to be the “green conscience” for Aberdeenshire.

AEF organises invited speakers, or site visits, for interested groups and individuals so that informed decisions about the environment can be made.

Meetings are open to all and are an opportunity to debate current issues, obtain updates from working groups, network and discuss matters arising.

In addition to acknowledging and commending good practice, the forum acts as a watchdog over practices which may have a detrimental effect on the environment and will actively submit comments and respond to current issues/consultations or issues raised by concerned individuals.

They encourage and enable new environmental projects from within the group or from others.