Charity named for 2013 run

Gastrocan has been chosen as one of the nominated charities for this year’s Run Balmoral 2013 and is the only charity raising money into stomach and gullet cancer.

The charity is local to the Grampian region and all money raised remains in the area.

Gastric (stomach) and oesophageal (gullet) cancers are among the rising types of the illness and rates in Scotland are among the highest in the world. While advances have been made in treatment to control gastro-oesophageal cancer, cure rates remain low - especially in comparison to other types.

Dr Russel Petty, founder of Gastrocan, said: “We are delighted that Gastrocan are once again a nominated charity for Run Balmoral 2013.”

Jamie Bell, who competed in the event last year, shared his experience.

“Last year, myself and my two daughters, Kirstin and Lauren, ran at Balmoral.

‘‘We chose to support Gastrocan, because, we as a family have been affected,” he said.

“In 2011, my wife Pauline developed stomach cancer and after a short but brave fight, passed away later that year.

‘‘She was a very determined person and, while undergoing treatment for her illness, Pauline actually ran at RunBalmoral.

‘‘We heard about Gastrocan through Pauline’s consultant, Dr Petty, and went on to support it by fundraising linked to the 2012 Balmoral event.

‘‘We drew in a huge amount of support from the community and I’m personally delighted that Gastrocan has been chosen once again as a key charity for this year’s Balmoral event.”

If you wish to register to run for Gastrocan at RunBalomoral you can do so on the RunBalmoral website.

For details on how to register, contact Vanessa Holmes at: