Charity sale now in its 26th year

The 2012 Children 1ST Sale at the Coo Cathedral in Aboyne is in its final stages of preparation.

The sale is now in its 26th year, and makes around £15,000 annually for the charity.

Deeside committee chairman Nicky Bradford said: “The sale is an ideal way to make a start on Christmas shopping, and many of our sponsors and customers have supported us for years.

“We’ve got 30 fantastic stalls, including lots of new ones, but this year we are particularly excited about our own Children 1st stall which is selling Candle Cups.

“The gorgeous vintage tea and coffee cups have been donated and made into candles and, if we can bear to part with them, we are going to be selling them as unique presents at knock down prices!”

The event will be open on Wednesday 10th October from 5 – 8pm (£5 entry includes a glass of wine), and on Thursday 11th October from 10 – 4pm (£3 entry, coffees and lunches available in the Coo Café).