Charity shop hit again by thieves

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The co-ordinator of a Banchory charity shop is considering installing CCTV at the premises after suffering another theft.

Brenda Larkin, from the Box Room, in Tillybrake Industrial Estate, hit out at thieves who stole items from the side of the shop after scaling a 7ft fence.

She said this was the sixth time in three years the charity had been targeted – with the last being a break-in in December.

“This time, we’ve had a sack trolley and dining chairs taken after they climbed over the fence and took stuff from down the side of the shop,” she said.

“We get so much stuff donated that the overflow goes into the space at the side until there’s space for it inside the shop.

“A few months ago, I bought the trolley for moving heavy objects. It cost about £40.

“Four nice, pine dining chairs were also stolen, worth about £30.”

Brenda said they thought the crime must have taken place between 9pm on Thursday, March 3, into the following morning, when they opened up the shop.

“It would have taken two people to get the trolley out of there,” she said. “After the last break-in, we had an assessment done by Grampian Police and they suggested CCTV. It’s a shame a charity shop has to invest in that.”

The Box Room community project promotes the recycling and reusing of furniture, bric-a-brac and household goods and reduces the amount of waste going to landfill by selling on goods or passing them on to a good cause.

During the December break-in, a window was smashed and £20 stolen.

“We are doing good for the public by recycling and helping people in need,” said Brenda.

“It’s very sad that there are people who will do this and are keeping an eye on the place looking for things to steal.

“It’s not the cost of what’s taken, it’s the inconvenience and the fact we have to waste time reporting it.

“We are also now having to spend money installing a system to try to discourage this from happening again.”

Councillor Linda Clark (Banchory and Mid Deeside) said: “This is extremely disappointing. I know theft is indiscriminate and people have their reasons for doing it, but from a volunteering point of view, it is tremendously annoying.

“The effort that goes into this project is immense and it is for the better good.

“Brenda needs that trolley and it’s a huge inconvenience that she will have to replace it.

“If anyone is in a state where they cannot pay for something like dining chairs from a charity, we have ways of sorting that.

“It is hugely disappointing that people would do this to something that is there probably for them and everybody else.

“I really hope they catch those responsible. I want people to do what they are good at doing, and speak to the police if they have any information.

“They can also call Crimestoppers anonymously if they don’t want to give their name.” Mrs Clark said it was “ludicrous” that money would now have to be spent installing CCTV.

A spokesman for Grampian Police said: “The incident has been reported to us and we will give the premises passing attention at various times.” Anyone with information can contact Grampian Police on 0845 600 5700.