Charlie and the fairytale princess

Princess Ruby with Charlie Bricknell, 6, from Banchory
Princess Ruby with Charlie Bricknell, 6, from Banchory

A fairytale princess visited a class of Primary 1 pupils as part of their class project to encourage the benefits of innovative and interactive learning.

Princess Ruby, also known as Katie Milne from the Phoenix Theatre Company, visited the class of five year olds at St Margaret’s School for Girls in Aberdeen.

As part of their class project this term on castles, pupils received a letter from Princess Ruby tasking them with rescuing her from the Great Green Dragon.

The girls have since received weekly letters from the Great Green Dragon setting them challenges based on different curricular areas in order to save the princess.

The letters which have been covered in green slime or burnt at the edges from his fiery breath have included challenges such as solving a maths puzzle to reveal which number ladder the princess should climb to escape, creating their own castle clocks and making a passport for the princess to escape from upside down land.

Miss Fiona Walker, Primary 1 class teacher at St Margaret’s School for Girls said: “It is fundamentally important to make teaching and learning interactive and fun, especially with the younger pupils as it is proven to deliver fantastic development results.

“As a small school offering small class sizes we are able to regularly deliver creative, hands on projects for the girls which encourages their imagination and skills development.

“This project with Princess Ruby and the Great Green Dragon has caused great excitement for the girls waiting for their next letter and challenge. They have worked very hard to achieve each challenge so that they could rescue and meet the princess which they thoroughly enjoyed.”