Christmas misery for abandoned pets

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The Scottish SPCA has warned of the dangers of giving pets as Christmas gifts as the charity prepares for one of its busiest and most heartbreaking times of year.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity, which has a rehoming centre in Drumoak, has also revealed some of the excuses given for young and elderly pets being given up during the festive period.

Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said: “Sadly, our animal rescue and rehoming centres are full every Christmas. It’s a time of year when many of our centres are asked to take in elderly pets, with dogs being the most common. The excuses our staff have heard have been shocking, and some have even told us they don’t want their dog making their house untidy when they have guests for Christmas.

“Our message is pets are a long-term commitment and responsibility, not presents which can be given on Christmas Day and forgotten about soon afterwards.”

On Christmas Day last year the Scottish SPCA was called to rescue an elderly dog dumped on a remote country road and left for dead.

Chief Supt. Flynn said: “It’s almost unthinkable that someone would do something so cruel.

“Thankfully, we were able to rescue Winter before it was too late and soon found him a loving new home.”