Cinema and club planned for Hub

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The King George V Community Project said this week that the proposed hub will help teenagers who don’t generally go out in evenings to be more sociable later in life.

The committee attempting to get a social centre for young people in Deeside have said that those who do go out and hang around the streets and parks will likely be faced with the risks of alcohol and drugs, and those who don’t may face difficulties socialising later in life.

Earlier this month, the management committee put in a bid to the Big Lottery for funding this year to pay for a project manager.

The King George V Community Project (KGVCP) aims to provide a social centre for the young people who live in Deeside. After many years of consultation with local residents and young people, the team behind the project feel they have the right design in mind.

Project secretary, Jean Henretty, said: “All the young people have said they want somewhere to meet their friends, have food and listen to music. What they described sounds like a nightclub, so that is what we plan to build - a space that looks like a nightclub but without alcohol.”

KGVCP has evolved following a youth consultation which was organised by Banchory Community Council over 10 years ago. The then chairman, David Green, led a project called Y2K which raised funds and built the two shelters in the Bellfield Park. The young people at the time said they wanted somewhere to ‘hang out’ and meet their friends. Apart from a couple of minor incidents the shelters have remained in place, free from vandalism.

Jean Henretty added: “It seemed sensible to have one building rather than one in each park. Many young people already meet in the park throughout the day and evening and the proposed site for the building will be away from residential areas.

‘‘The youngsters have proven over the years that if they get involved in a project they will look after their own space.”

“I have three children, and this area is great for younger ones where they can play any sport, have a wide choice of youth organisations and the great outdoors to play. However when many reach their teens they want to do more than sports and organised clubs. Those that get out in an evening hang about the park and face the risks that they meet there such as alcohol and drugs. Those who don’t go out in evenings may find it difficult to socialise later in life as they don’t get the opportunity to do what kids do in cities, go to the cinema, cafes or youth clubs. The KGV Community Hub will have multi-use space to have a club, music practice rooms and a cinema.”