Clean up to begin on Aboyne asbestos site

Bellwood car park
Bellwood car park

A clean up of the Bellwood car park, where fragments of asbestos and other hazardous materials were found in March, is due to begin this week.

Car park owners Mid-Deeside Ltd (MDL) have reached an agreement with the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) over the action required for the site.

A registered waste carrier will be on the site to remove the material around the car parking area, and it will then be removed to a licensed waste disposal site.

In a statement, MDL said: “We have undertaken to meet SEPA’s requirements and the regulator has confirmed that it will be satisfied once this work is complete.

“Once the material has been removed, further minor work will be required, following final agreement with Aberdeenshire Council’s Environmental Health service.”

There will be no access to the woodland from Bellwood Drive while the work is undertaken, with the area fenced off and residents asked to keep away.

Fragments of chrysolite asbestos were found on the site in early March with raised concern for resident’s safety.

The Bellwood Area Residents Association (BARA) has since been formed. Any interested parties should contact: