Comedian presents lifesaving equipment

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Scottish Comedian Fred MacAulay presented A&E consultant Dr John Thomson, of Deeside, emergency medical equipment provided by The Sandpiper Trust.

Since it was founded in 2001, The Sandpiper Trust has provided 850 Sandpiper medical equipment bags to doctors, paramedics and nurses working and living in rural Scotland. The Trust was co-founded by Crathes woman Claire Maitland, following the tragic death of her 14-year-old nephew, Sandy Dickson, from Perthshire, who drowned whilst holidaying at his grandmother’s in rural Ontario, Canada, in 2000.

The Trust has provided over 60 vehicle locators which, when linked through to ambulance dispatch centres, enable Sandpiper responders to respond locally to emergency situations where they are able to stabilise the injured or seriously ill prior to the arrival of an ambulance.

In the last 12 months, BASICS emergency responders in Grampian and Highland have responded to 500 medical emergencies, of which there were 102 RTCs (Road Traffic Collisions), 36 falls and 40 patients suffering chest pain.

BASICS responders attend incidents in a voluntary capacity in their own time. Attending many of these emergency incidents in rural areas is often a huge team effort involving BASICS responders, ambulance staff, helimed crews, fire and rescue services all working together as a team, none of whom could function without the other.

James Ferguson, A&E consultant in Aberdeen is supportive of the work of the charity.

“As a consultant in Accident & Emergency medicine covering an area which is mainly rural, The Sandpiper Trust has been a Godsend,” he said.

“With the introduction of Sandpiper Bags and vehicle locators we are now increasingly seeing patients arriving from rural communities having been fully resuscitated and pain free. The Sandpiper Trust has contributed to a fundamental improvement in pre-hospital care in Scotland.”

Claire Maitland, co-founder of The Sandpiper Trust said: “The attendance of BASICS-responders equipped with Sandpiper Bags to emergency situations can often be crucial to the recovery of those suffering from life-threatening injuries or sudden illnesses.

“When we launched The Sandpiper Trust 11 years ago, we said that if the provision of life-saving emergency medical equipment could save one life, our fundraising efforts would be worth the hard work.

“We are so grateful for all the support we receive and to Fred MacAulay for his interest in the charity. There is no doubt that The Sandpiper Trust makes a huge difference and will continue to do so.”