Communities rally in wake of disaster

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Dennis Robertson MSP has praised the ‘community spirit’ in Deeside in the wake of Storm Frank.

Hundreds of people across Aberdeenshire and far corners of the world have pledged their support - be it through donations of money or offers of help.

One Just Giving page, set up by organisation Ballater Charitable Chiels, has raised over £15,000 to offer emergency funding to the people of Ballater.

Meanwhile, other pages have been set up to raise cash with targets being smashed across the board.

Commenting, Aberdeenshire West MSP Dennis Robertson said: “There has been a real community effort from right across Aberdeenshire to help everyone who has been affected by these floods. The people who have been affected are very grateful.

“The devastation is horrendous, but the community have very much pulled together and volunteers are doing what they can, alongside Aberdeenshire Council. The clean-up is underway, and there are a number of insurances assessors already in the area.

“These floods are devastating communities here in Aberdeenshire West. But with the strong community spirit, the efforts of our emergency services and volunteers our communities will recover.

“Once the clean-up is done, we must focus on getting Deeside communities like Ballater back in its feet as soon as possible. Local representatives are more than aware of the long-term challenges, and will work hard to address these.”

For constant updates on what is happening across Deeside including road closures and fundraising endeavours please visit our website

If you wish to volunteer or offer assistance in anyway contact your local branch of Aberdeenshire council to find out what you can do to help.