Community flower festival open to all

Christ Church in Kincardine O’Neil will he hosting a jubilee-themed community flower festival for the whole village from Friday to Sunday (June 22 to 24).

As well as being filled with the blossoms and perfume of the many arrangements of flowers, there will be a display of needlework produced by people from within the community, together with a ‘surprise’ suspended high above the hancel Stseps which should catch the eye of the visitors.

During the three days, the church will be open between 11am and 4pm, and teas will be served on the Saturday and Sunday between 2pm and 4pm. The festival will conclude with hymns, readings and music at 7pm on Sunday, to which visitors are invited. Prayers at the start and closing will be shared between the rector of Christ Church, Lisa Eunson, and the minister of Mid Deeside Kirk, Alec Wark.

Children from Kincardine O’Neil School will be singing an appropriate song and a reading they have specially composed.

The festival was inaugurated two years ago as a way of to bringing the community together and has inspired many of the villagers to get involved either in doing flower arrangements or participating in the service. It is hoped visitors from the surrounding area will attend at some stage during the festival.