Community project damaged by quads


Damage has been reported at a second community project after a quad bike was driven on the incomplete Tarland Trails at Drummy Woods.

The incident, which was reported at around 8pm on Sunday, May 3, comes just days after vandals targeted the new play park, which is under construction on Aboyne Village Green.

Trustee of Tarland Development Group and Project Coordinator, Chris Redmond, said: “Someone has caused damage to the trails which are not yet complete.

“These trails are being built for mountain bikes and are not built to withstand the weight of motorised vehicles such as motorbikes and quads.”

The land is owned by the MacRobert Trust and is on lease to Tarland Development Group for the construction of the mountain bike trails.

Speaking to the unidentified person or people behind the damage, Mr Redmond said: “Please do not use these trails again either during the construction or once complete.

“I will alert the construction company and all the users of the trails that there has been this misuse.

“If you are witnessed damaging the £100,000 worth of trails I will ask them to notify myself and the police.”

Supporters of the community project took to Facebook to share their views on the incident.

Tony Yule said: “Heartbreaking. Hopefully this is an isolated incident... Maybe the number of quad/dirt bike owners in Tarland and Aboyne should take a leaf out of your book and campaign, lobby, fundraise, design, purchase and construct a purpose built track of their own somewhere.

“If they could only understand and respect the effort, time and cost that goes into these developments then hopefully they would leave them alone.”

Anyone who may have witnessed activity in Drummy Woods over the weekend of May 2-3 is asked to contact Chris Redmond at

On April 23, a separate incident of damage was reported in Aboyne.

The fencing around the new all-inclusive roundabout, which is under construction in Phase One of the Play Park Project, had been lifted, the supporting feet cracked and the roundabout used.

Project Manager Sarah Brown explained that using the equipment at this stage was unsafe, as the roundabout was not yet fitted to its fixings.