Concerns raised over Aboyne Pool chemicals

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Concerns have been raised about the cleaning routine at Aboyne Swimming Pool after young swimmers complained of breathing difficulties.

It is alleged that a number of users have been experiencing problems, with some blaming the chemicals used by staff to clean the pool area.

Aboyne Pool has a policy of cleaning the changing rooms while people are swimming.

The fumes from the cleaning chemicals enter the pool hall at swimmer head height, causing some to believe this to be at the root of the breathing problems.

Swimmers have complained to staff about the matter.

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council said: “Concerns have been raised with our leisure team that chemicals used to clean Aboyne Pool and changing rooms may have an adverse impact on people who suffer with asthma.

“This issue has been thoroughly investigated, with the council confident that cleaning chemicals, cleaning regimes and chemical storage are appropriate and safe at Aboyne Pool.”

Despite this, however, swimmers continue to fear that the cleaning policy may be storing up long term health problems.

Complaints were also made regarding the poolside first aid room, which was recently turned into a cleaning store.

Cleaning products are now kept in the room, which does not have a full door, and there are concerns that carrying buckets of chemicals from the cupboard to the changing rooms may not be safe for pool users.

But the council spokesperson added: “We take the health of people at our leisure facilities very seriously and have had regular meetings and dialogue with users on this issue and will continue to do so.”

There is currently no established correlation between the use of cleaning chemicals and breathing difficulties.