Cooking gives church earache

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A surge in people in a Donside village cooking their Sunday roast at the same time is being blamed for the church organ going out of tune.

Sunday services at Cluny Parish Church, near Sauchen, are accompanied by organist Sandy Argo.

“During the past few Sundays, the organ has been slipping out of tune towards the end of the service,” said Mr Argo, of Torphins. “This is not some kind of excuse for hitting a few bad notes, but apparently there is a surge in our electricity supply, due to cookers being switched on for lunch in the Sauchen area at around noon, and this leaves the poor old organ without enough breath to play the final three-fold amen.

“The organ seems to last most of the service but come the last hymn and benediction, the sound sinks, because it’s not getting any puff.

“I can’t tell for sure that the surge in cooking is the cause, but that’s the story the organ tuner gave me. He said there is nothing wrong with the organ and he has been in places like Cluny before - at the end of the electric line - where the power tends to fail occasionally if there is a surge.

“Sauchen is an increasing township, with more and more houses being built – and more Sunday dinners being cooked! This organ is usually just played on Sundays and the service ends at around noon, when people start cooking their Sunday lunches. The moral to this tale is – don’t all cook at once!”

He said it had been suggested their next step would be to contact the hydro-electric company about the issue, if it persisted.

Mum-of-two Fiona Cameron, of the Linton, Sauchen, said she didn’t cook a Sunday dinner every week.

“I had no idea that everyone putting on their cookers at the same time could possibly have this effect,” said Fiona, 39. “We maybe need to stagger our lunchtimes in Sauchen!”

Elaine Smith, also of The Linton, said: “We don’t usually have a Sunday lunch, more often it’s just sandwiches, as we have two small children, but I think it’s quite funny that there’s a link between the cookers and the church organ going out of tune!”

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