Cosy new arrival at Drum Castle


Members of staff at Drum Castle and Estate were delighted to meet their newest arrival - a tiny roe deer fawn.

The little bambi was discovered fast asleep in his nest by the National Trust for Scotland’s conservation volunteers.

The group were undertaking a form of environmentally-friendly bracken bashing with bamboo canes. This is a process that breaks, rather than cuts, the bracken so that is weakens over time and, in the process, allows for trees and wild flower to re-growth so the biodiversity of the environment is maintained.

The fawn was sleeping in a patch of grass near to where the volunteers were working.

The conservation charity’s senior ranger Fiona Milne said: “If you find a young animal, it is imperative that it is left alone, as its mother will be close by and watching from where she can’t be seen. We left our little fawn to stay asleep and wait for his mother to return.”

Property Manager Alison Burke said: “Drum Castle, Gardens and Estate is celebrating parenthood of the human variety this weekend, with a special Father’s Day from 1pm to 4pm on Sunday, June 17, where Dads get in for free if they are accompanied by their little fawns. There will be lots of sock inspired activities on the lawn to keep all the herd amused!”

Anyone interested in finding out more about conservation volunteering should visit: