Council looking for help with summer clean up

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Ballater and Crathie Community Council is looking for people to help with supplementary street cleaning and litter pick up during the summer months.

Since Aberdeenshire Council decided not to employ any temporary village orderlies this year, due to budget restrictions, it is supporting communities to help themselves by offering equipment and assistance from their permanent staff.

The Community Council has arranged for equipment to be available and got a small grant to cover additional items that may be useful.

Volunteers will work alongside Ian Munro, who is doing an excellent job as our permanent village orderly. Ballater and Crathie Community Council sees Ian as a kind of local hero as he is often seen picking up litter well after, and before, normal working hours, but he cannot cover everything alone.

Phil Swan, a community councillor, said: “People can take the view that ‘I pay my council taxes, so why should I do this’ but it if we don’t the village will become less attractive, which will affect the tourist industry and local businesses, as well as making it a less pleasant place to live.

“Ballater is a very special place and we owe it to ourselves to take good care of it.

“Picking up litter can be very therapeutic if you’re on your own and good fun if you’re working in pairs.

“Either way, it’s very satisfying to fill a few bags and then look back at the difference you’ve made.”

Anyone willing to take part in this programme should call Phil on 013397-55345 or 07977 561035, or email to