Council to clean up political sinage after complaints

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Aberdeenshire Council has enlisted the assistance of elected members to help clean up General Election sinage after a series of complaints from residents.

Complaints have been made about political stickers, posters and boardings left in place after both the referendum and the more recent general election.

Liberal Democrat councillor for Westhill and District, Iris Walker said “I very much welcome the council being proactive in tidying up Aberdeenshire.

“There are some unsightly stickers and banners on show across the north east, almost 12 weeks post-general election and just short of a year after the referendum.

“I know that candidates and campaigners of all colours very much welcome a visual show of support during an election campaign, but there are rules stipulating that election material must be removed within 14 days of close of poll.

“Most political parties and supporters do follow these guidelines, but some others seem to have a ‘See Me’ culture of nailing their colours to the mast, if you like, all year round.

“I think we are lucky in my ward where only a small amount of relics are left behind, but there are many towns and villages still littered with them.”