Councillor calls for scheme to stop speeding

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Local councillor Karen Clark is calling on Police Scotland to look at whether a scheme to combat speeding could work on Deeside.

The road safety initiative -the first of its kind in Scotland -will be launched next month in the village of Culbokie near Inverness. It involves local volunteers reporting speeding drivers to police officers.

Hot spots for speeding would be identified in villages and the local volunteers would work in teams of three to note down and pass on the details of drivers who trigger speed indicator signs.

Highland’s top police chief has said that the initiative is community empowerment and if successful, the scheme could be rolled out across the region.

Banchory and Mid Deeside councillor Karen Clark said: “Speeding is one of the biggest issues in our rural communities and comes up on a regular basis at community councils.

“I would like our own police force to consider such a scheme, monitor how it is working in the Highlands and assess whether we could have such a pilot here on Deeside. Clearly it will depend on the terms of reference within which the volunteers are operating and both police and residents participating would have to be confident it has community support.”

With speeding an ongoing issue in Deeside, Cllr Karen Clark has approached local police in the past regarding schemes to combat the problem.

Following suggestions that a scheme used in Cupar, Fife, be trialed in Deeside, concerns were raised over the possibility that residents could turn into vigilantes, thereby provoking speeding motorists.

The Cupar scheme involves volunteers who have been trained by police to use speed cameras, however the different Culbokie scheme remains a possibility.

Cllr Clark added: “We know as councillors from our casework that speeding vehicles are seen as a major concern for our rural towns and villages. In some villages, speeds of 90 and over 100mph have been clocked in speed surveys and communities feel there is little they can do.

“However, this scheme, I believe is worth looking into and asking community councils about it would be a good first step.

“I have written to the local police inspector asking for his views on whether we could look into such a pilot scheme being trialled here on Deeside.”