Councillor calls on pupils to stop dropping litter

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A councillor has called on Banchory Academy pupils to stop dropping litter in the town’s Silverbank Park, following complaints from a number of constituents.

Councillor Linda Clark (Banchory and Mid-Deeside) said: “Silverbank Park is used as a short-cut from the academy to Morrisons and is used by young people.

“It is absolutely litter-bound and this has been raised by quite a few people.

“The vast majority of litter appears to be Morrisons carrier bags and there’s clearly more than one person doing this. It’s at its worst from 1pm to 1.35pm.

“Mrs Di Maio and her team at Banchory Academy do sterling work and the vast majority of pupils don’t drop litter, but some are.”

Back in July 2010, the Piper reported how Morrisons and pupils from Banchory Academy were being urged to work together to solve the litter problem in the vicinity of the store.

Mrs Clark added: “I would ask those responsible to please remember that somebody has to pick it up and although I have heard it said that ‘it keeps somebody in a job’ I would like to ask them if they would like it to be them kept in a job doing that, because it’s not pleasant.

“There are a lot of bins there and there have been schemes and campaigns but the problem is back.”

A Morrisons spokesperson said: “We take the problem of litter very seriously so we were very disappointed to learn that despite the good work we have done in the past, the littering seems to have returned.

“We will be getting in touch with the local school to look at how the issue can be tackled positively.”