Councillor urges owners to clear “horrible” mess

Banchory councillor Linda Clark has urged dog owners in the town to pick up their “horrible” dog mess.

Cllr Clark said Mount Street and Burnett Road were of particular concern, and blamed the rise in the fouling on the darker evenings and mornings.

She told the Piper: “A lady approached me and said that she had stood in some mess on Mount Street in the darkness. It seems like the gloomy mornings are making more people stand in it and also making certain dog owners more callous about their responsibilities to pick it up. People rarely pester their local councillor unless it’s something serious so I think there is real concern here.”

She says the problem of dog fouling has “reared it’s ugly head again”: “It’s a problem we’ve tackled successfully before but it seems to have reared it’s ugly head again. I want to see more signs warning people, as if they need warning, that if you have a dog then you have a responsibility to clean up it’s mess.”

Banchory resident Sandy Botho agreed with the councillor’s comments: “It’s just a nightmare, I have two young children and for me it seems like a health risk. You can tell your kids not to pick up dirty sticks or stay clear of the dog mess but kids are kids and don’t always listen. There are lots of kids walking to school in the mornings so I just hope the dog owners start acting like responsible human beings.”

The Piper reported on the issue of dog fouling last year when owners were allowing their animals to foul on the town’s Bridge Street.