Councillors learn about new teaching technology

Members of Aberdeenshire Council’s Scrutiny and Audit Committee recently visited Hill of Banchory School to learn more about the role of GLOW and other ICT learning tools in Aberdeenshire schools.

GLOW, the national intranet for teachers, pupils and parents, allows the sharing of information and activities, including interactive educational games, revision papers, links to other sites and news features.

During the visit members were given a detailed history of the evolution of GLOW and how it will be developed in future years, as well as information about other technological devices and pilot schemes currently in use across Aberdeenshire’s schools.

The committee noted considerable differences between many of the school’s GLOW sites and advised that more be done to share best practice across all system users.

Members also raised the issue of users having difficulties with passwords which was a common complaint made by teachers and parents. Councillors were advised that passwords require to be renewed every six months and anyone not accessing the system within that period will not be able to get in.

Chair of the Scrutiny and Audit Committee, Councillor Gillian Owen said: “It was a very worthwhile and informative visit. It was encouraging to see the breadth of innovation that is being used to help pupils learn.”