Couple manages to ‘Live Below the Line’

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Deesiders Andy and Ryan Bond raised more than £900 by living off less than £1 per day for five days in aid of charity Malaria No More.

Their effort was part of a much wider campaign to ‘Live Below The Line’ along with 1.4 billion other people in the world who live in what the World Bank defines as extreme poverty, spending less than £1 a day equivalent, on covering all their costs, not just food and drink.

Malaria is a killer disease which claims many lives and is the cause of much poverty in the third world. Through the work of Malaria No More UK, much of the suffering from malaria has been reduced in recent years.

Andy and Ryan thanked everyone who generously sponsored their campaign. The amount raised to date was almost £900 and was still rising with more promised.

Andy said: “The thing I enjoyed most of all on Saturday morning was an orange and a cup of coffee.

“I really enjoyed the challenge of hunting out the bargains and working out how to use the little we had to best advantage. We even have some food left over!

Ryan, president of Banchory-Ternan Rotary Club, said: “The amount is beyond our wildest dreams. I lost about 5lb over the week – that was no bad thing. I missed my tea and coffee. The realisation that this was only for five days really hit home on Friday night. For a huge percentage of the world, this is a constant reality!”

Anyone who hasn’t yet donated can do so at:

Their menu for the five days last week was as follows: Day one - (breakfast) porridge, with home-grown stewed gooseberries, sweetened with canderel; (lunch) carrot soup and pitta breads, ½ banana; (evening meal) savoury rice with tuna, ½ banana with instant custard. Day two - (breakfast) porridge, and stewed home-grown rhubarb; (lunch) carrot soup and baguette, ½ banana; (evening meal) pasta and tomato sauce, made with carton of chopped toms and onion, stewed rhubarb. Day three - (breakfast) porridge and stewed rhubarb; (lunch) porridge and stewed rhubarb; ‘treat’ slice of cake, made with value packet mix + 1 egg, spread with jam; (evening meal) ¼ lasagne with salad leaves from garden, ½ banana. Day four - (breakfast) porridge and stewed rhubarb; (lunch) scrambled egg on two slices toast; ‘treat’ slice of cake; (evening meal) ¼ lasagne with salad leaves, whole banana. Day five - (breakfast) porridge and stewed rhubarb; (lunch) porridge and stewed rhubarb, ‘treat’ slice cake; (evening meal) steak pies, mash, carrots and mushy peas, ½ banana.

Shopping list (all from Tesco/Sainsbury’s ‘value’ range) was as follows:

Can tuna 59p, porridge oats (1kg) 75p, savoury rice 27p, bag carrots £1, 2 onions 34p, stock cubes 10p, Canderel 20p, pack 7 bananas £1.15, carton chopped tomatoes 31p, pack pasta (500g) 39p, cake mix 22p, 6 eggs 85p, jam (home-made, cost of sugar only) 25p, sliced bread (reduced counter) 34p, can mushy peas 6p, packet custard mix 7p, pitta breads (reduced counter) 9p, baguettes (2, reduced counter) 5p, mash (reduced counter) 99p, individual steak pies (reduced counter) 36p, lasagne (4 portions, reduced counter) £1.49. Total spend £9.87.