Couple tie the knot at Milton of Crathes

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Banchory couple Shaun Allan and Carol McLaughlin were wed last week in Deeside, aboard The Salmon steam train at Milton of Crathes.

The unique ceremony, which took place on Thursday, September 10, saw around 50 guests board the train to celebrate Shaun and Carol’s special day.

The ceremony ran like clockwork thank’s to the efforts of the dedicated volunteers at the Royal Deeside Railway, something that membership secretary David Pearson was quick to pay tribute to.

He Said: “I would like to pass my thanks onto all the dedicated volunteers at the station who helped make the day run like clockwork.

“Particularly Frank Grant who was the mastermind behind organising everything on the day.”

One of the many unique happening on the day was the brides arrival.

With the guests waiting eagerly, Carol made her way up the platform in a 1950/60’s style bubble car.

David, who has been the membership secretary for eight and a half years, added: “It isnt the first time we’ve had a request for a wedding.

“This is the second this year and the third ever that we’ve done, however this one still had many of it’s own differences.

“Particularly the bride arriving in the bubble car and driving right up to the end of the platform.

“Obviously, there is far less room on our carriages than in a church but for me, it’s even more romantic and we are certainly able to accommodate a variety of requests.

“Most of all it’s unique, and I’d definitely encourage any future perspective guests to consider us for weddings and let them know that we can cater to there requirements .”