Cousins reunited in Lumphanan

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a ‘cousins reunion’ took place in Torphins and Lumphanan recently which saw five grandsons and three granddaughters with partners, of Peter Sim, one time saddler and a well known figure in Lumphanan in his day.

George (Dubbie) Watt aged 88 who is now retired in Aberdeen but who was born in Lumphanan and an old friend of the Sim family also joined the reunion in the Learney Arms Hotel in Torphins and regaled

all with anecdotes as well as reciting the poem which features on the fountain on the roadside between Lumphanan and Tornaveen.

Peter Sim had a saddlers shop in Lumphanan which adjoined the family home Rose Cottage which overlooked the old railway line. His family were all musical and Peter himself was Pipe Sergeant in The Lumphanan Pipe band. Peter, who died in 1949 aged 65, had five of a family, all now passed on, but three - Mary, Ailean and Roberta - have relatives who all attended the reunion. These were: Peter Robertson and his brother William Robertson, sons of Mary Sim; Colin Cargill, his sister Anne Cargill and brother Robert Cargill - sons and daughter of Ailean Sim and Christine Murray, her sister Patricia Stannard and brother Andrew Stannard, daughters and son of Roberta Sim.

The reunion included a visit to Lumphanan War Memorial and the family grave in the Stothert Memorial Church where William Robertson played the set of bagpipes which belonged originally to his grandfather Peter Sim and which saw service in France during his service in the first World War.