Craigievar screen night

A film which swept all major categories in this year’s Cesar Awards, the French Oscars and won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes 2009 is next on the bill for Craigievar Film Club, this Thursday (October 25)

A Prophet (Jacques Audiard, France, 2010, 150 mins, cert 18, with Tahir Rahim) will be screened at 7.30pm in Tullynessle and Forbes Hall. Tea and coffee will be available. £4 entry or £30 for season membership.

There will be a short intermission.

The movie, one of this year’s foreign film Oscar nominees, follows the life of Malik, a young Frenchman of Arab descent, who enters prison as a naive outsider and is shaped into an evil, adult criminal.

Born a shy, passive loser, prison made him all that he can be. Played by Tahar Rahim, he’s skinny, insecure and behind bars for unclear reasons; he claims he’s innocent, although it doesn’t matter. Prison efficiently strips him of privacy and self-respect and serves him over to the Corsican gang that controls everything behind bars through violence and bribes.

This gang is run by Cesar Luciani (Niels Arestrup), a man who has the presence of Don Corleone but colder eyes. He gives an order and it is followed out. He makes it his business to intimidate the new man, who is useful because he provides entry into the wing that is housing the Arabic prisoners.

There is a prisoner there (Hichem Yacoubi) who Cesar wants killed. This man must not live to testify. Malik is instructed by Cesar’s lieutenant how to conceal a razor blade in his mouth and slit the man’s throat. It is very simple. If Malik doesn’t do this, he will die. When Malik seeks help from the warden, he quickly sees that Cesar is right: Kill, or die