Keeping crime in Marr area in check

Marr Community Policing Team Inspector Matt Smith
Marr Community Policing Team Inspector Matt Smith

Marr’s new police chief is aiming to maintain the area’s low crime rate.

Community Policing Team Inspector Matt Smith has been outlining plans for the summer months as Deeside becomes a hub of activity.

Insp Smith, 40, took up his new role earlier this year after a period with the community team in Aberdeen. He is also mountain rescue team leader.

Marr’s policing plans for the coming months are about to be published and they are geared to keeping the area’s crime rate at its current low level.

Insp Smith told the Piper this week: “We are very lucky that the area has been, and remains a very low crime area, and an awful lot of policing here is making sure that the communities have got the policing that they need.

“Again, we are very lucky - and relatively unique now - to still have areas and communities that have the local bobby, the name and face that lives in the community, works in the community and has done for some time.

“These are things that communities tend to like and I think every community across Scotland would probably aspire to have that.”

Police will be focusing in the coming weeks on acquisitive crime (theft), road safety and road crime and anti-social behaviour.

There are 15 active community councils in the Marr area which Insp Smith believes have an important role.

He said: “We work with them and we try and attend as many as we can.

“We certainly feed off anything that they can tell us too.”

Anti-social behaviour will receive particular attention from officers.

Insp Smith explained: “For the types of community we have, it’s just about making sure that communities, generally at the weekend or during the night, are kept as safe as possible,

“Keeping under control instances of perhaps noise, instances of vandalism and under-age drinking - the type of work that feeds off licensed premises - in terms of disorder and violence.

“It’s a really big one for us. We absolutely want to keep a lid on all that activity.”

Elsewhere, police are gearing up for the busy summer months in the Deeside area.

Insp Smith said “During these months Deeside changes for us.

“It means lots of extra visitors, lots of tourists, busier roads, many events at the weekends and that itself just changes the entire dynamic of the area.

“It’s a very different place to be in the summer time and that will be our focus for the next few months.”