North-east police issue warning as reopening of pubs leads to rise in drink driving offences

Police in the North-east are reminding those getting back to the pubs to leave the car at home and consider your fitness to drive the next day.

Tuesday, 25th May 2021, 8:05 am
Drivers are being warned to leave the car at home when visiting the pub - and to consider whether they are fit to drive the next day.

It comes after an increase in drink driving offences detected over the past weekend, with six men, aged between 17 and 43, and a 30-year-old woman found to be over the alcohol limit.

Six of the drivers were found to be over the limit the day after they’d been drinking, highlighting the length of time it can take for alcohol levels to drop.

Five of the drivers were detected in the early hours of the morning and one was stopped mid-morning following an evening drinking.

Road Policing Sergeant Steve Manson said, “As the licenced premises partially reopen and we move towards more normal life, we are seeing an increase in drink driving offences.

“Police Scotland has not changed our approach during the pandemic and these type of offence will be robustly targeted, with regular patrols throughout the day and night to detect people who are putting others at risk.”

Sgt Manson added that the consequences of drink driving impact more than just the driver.

“Our officers witness first-hand the devastation drink driving can cause to not only the driver, but their families and others involved in inevitable collisions.

“Upon conviction, drivers face a minimum 12 month driving ban as well as increased insurance premiums and can often be made to resit their tests. The penalty will only increase if a collision occurs.”