Road safety crackdown in Deeside and Donside

Police say road safety continues to be a priority
Police say road safety continues to be a priority

Police have carried out a road safety initiative in the Deeside and Donside areas following concerns expressed by the communities.

Officers assisted by special constables recently dealt with 26 motorists for exceeding the speed limit or for driving vehicles with defective parts.

he initiative carried out under Operation CEDAR (Challenge Educate Detect and Reduce) targeted Kincardine O’Neil, Torphins, Aboyne, Dinnet and Alford, and focused on educating drivers.

Inspector Martin Burgess said: “Road safety continues to be a priority for Police Scotland. This initiative was undertaken in response to concerns raised by the public in relation to perceived speeding issues within our communities.

“The outcome has provided some reassurance that the vast majority of drivers using the roads in Marr do so in a safe and considerate manner.

“Unfortunately however, there is still a minority who fail to recognise the dangers brought about through driving vehicles at an inappropriate speed; driving while not under complete control of the vehicle such as using a mobile telephone; or driving a vehicle that is defective in some way.”